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Alternative ways for getting the most out of Adult Classifieds in Australia

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Are you still trying to find hookups through the classifieds page in your local Australian newspaper? Is pouring over old fashioned ads getting old? Adult Classifieds in the newspaper are outdated and a waste of time.

Are you looking for a better way to find a sex date? There is a new way to find attractive casual dates to fulfill your sexual fantasies.

Newspaper adult classifieds are a thing of the past. Millions of hot AU singles are creating profiles detailing exactly what they want online. Finding these singles is as simple as getting a profile and searching for the type of arrangement you are looking for.

Using websites instead of newspapers can save you time with communication. Instead of sending a letter and waiting for a reply, the exchanges are instant and an arrangement can settled upon within no time.

1.Comparing Online Adult Classifieds & Classic Classifieds

When you look through the Australian newspaper ads, you are seeing just text. It’s unfortunate, but often with classic advertisements, you do not get to see your potential casual date until the first meeting or if they include a couple of pictures in a letter. This can be awkward if you do not find them attractive.

With online adult classifieds, you sift through profiles that include details of what the member is looking for and current pictures! This means that you can assess if you find them attractive or not before even reaching out to them! Another great thing about online classifieds is that members can say exactly what they want.

These Are the Best Apps (better thanclassifieds) for Finding a Fuck Buddy in Australia

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2.Find Sex Dates Online: Here’s How to Get Ahead

Of course, word gets around quickly about which sex apps work and which ones don’t.

So which sex date apps work the best in Australia?

Naturally, those used by the most women. See our list of the best sex dating apps. Since these apps are popular, you’ll have to contend with a significant amount of male competition.

Your goal must be to stand out in some way from the many other users.

But don’t worry!

Standing out isn’t primarily about looks but about how you can present yourself as a man and potential lover.

You have to woo a woman, and that starts with the creation of your profile.

What exactly does that mean?

Just imagine that this isn’t about scoring a sex date but about applying for a job. You wouldn’t write something unimaginative in that case but would put some thought into it.

A good job application contains a meaningful cover letter and other valuable information about you, such as references and certificates.

It’s the same with your profile in a dating app. You should write something about your interests and hobbies, or funny anecdotes that showcase your individuality and what you’re looking for.

By contrast, here’s what you should avoid:

An empty profile is boring and makes you seem like a fake. Why should a woman respond to a message from an empty profile when there are other users with complete profiles?

Anyone who has an empty profile comes off as boring. Women assume that sex with a guy like that would also be boring.

Finally, there’s the profile picture.

Above all, your picture should be taken recently so your sex date knows what to expect. Don’t opt for nudes at this point. Very few women are into dick picks, and if they are, they’d rather see them privately.

Adult classifieds

3.Choosing the Right Women to Message for Free Sex in Australia

Now you already know how to market yourself. In this section, you’ll learn how to choose the right candidate from the large number of women to be successful as quickly as possible and start having free sex.

Many men complain that they don’t receive answers from women.

What causes this problem? 

Many men immediately target the hottest women in the sex chat. And there’s nothing wrong with that. However, the problem is that these women are overwhelmed by the large number of messages they receive. 

So where are your chances best for a one-night stand?

Think about it for a second. There are many women who fall into the hidden gem category. How so? Because they may not stand out with their big bust in a bikini photo at first glance. 

But take a closer look!

There are many great and attractive women in Australia who, at second glance, may even be more attractive and authentic than the women all the other men are messaging. 

The best part is:

In many cases, sex with the women from the second tier is much better because they don’t necessarily expect the man to do everything.

How else can you increase your chances?

It’s easy! Read the woman’s profile and consider if what you want and what you wrote on your profile actually lines up.


You wrote on your profile that you’re looking for free sex with dominant, black-haired ladies with a leather fetish. Why should a blonde cuddly type respond to you contacting her? 

If the information in your profile turns out to be bogus, you’ll quickly be labeled as an overly horny opportunist. 

So unless you have steadfast principles (“I’m ONLY into blondes!”), then stick to a different wording in your profile text:

“I’m especially into blondes but find other hair colors sexy as well.”

The same applies the other way around:

If a woman writes on her profile that she’s only interested in dominant men with a large member, you’ll hardly be able to win her over if you classify yourself as a “softie.”

But what should you do if you get outright rejected?

Don’t give up! A rejection only means that someone else was a better match or faster than you. This happens to even the biggest online-dating Casanovas.

In the next tip, you’ll find out how to get in touch with suitable women.

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4.How to Handle Rejection

Rejection is a natural part of adult classifieds, and you are bound to come across it. If you find that you are rejected don’t take it personally. Pull yourself together, assess why you may have been rejected, and move on. Maybe you were rejected because you don’t share similar goals with the person. Or it may be that you said something rude or out of line which was not appropriate. You might find that people say your profile pictures are misleading.

Misleading profile pictures are the number one reason for rejection. People want to share pictures that showcase their best features, or pictures that they feel they look their best in. While this is great, it can be upsetting to only see pictures of the left side of someone’s face, meet them, and the right side of their face be asymetrical. While this is shallow, it happens quite a bit. Think about it. Try to choose pictures that show you. The real you. Not the perfect you that you wish you were.

5.How to Approach Members of an Adult Classifieds Website

When you reply to a personals ad in the classifieds section of an Australian newspaper, you don’t know exactly what the person is looking for, you don’t know what they look like, and you don’t know if you are looking for the same thing. An interaction with this type of ad usually starts with you replying to the ad, waiting on a reply to your reply, etc. This exchange can happen for weeks before the two of you decide on if you want to meet.

With online adult classifieds in Australia all of this is condensed into a correspondence between you and your interest within the time frame of a couple of days, if that. Interactions are usually done via private messages and responses are usually quick. Furthermore, members on these types of websites can clearly state what they are looking for on their profiles, completely taking the guess work out it.